Grand Lodge of Southern New England installs new officers for 2012


Message from MWGM Gary Arseneau:

It is a new Masonic year but the journey itself is not new. My thoughts for this year center around learning and education. Our fraternity, unlike any other, provides the tools to learn to make ourselves better men. Our fraternity is filled with symbols and a great many volumes have been written about these symbols. The hidden meanings, the allegories, do they provide a means to make ourselves better, to work for the common good? We live in a society of instant gratification, moving from event to event. Is this our life’s journey?

I would submit that Masonry and its lessons through its symbolism helps us to realize that we need to continuously learn and improve ourselves. As represented by the ashlars, the rough shows us in our current state, struggling to smooth that rough exterior. By doing so we are improving ourselves to become better men. Men representing that which the public will look at and aspire themselves to the same lofty goals.

This is our journey through life, and for each of us it is a personal journey. I have designed my pin to incorporate the idea of using the tools we are presented with to make ourselves better. The center piece is a man using those tools to break out of the rough stone and make himself whole and smooth. The pillars represent that we, as a fraternity, are established in strength. The three is for the 3rd degree, and the most important title we ever receive, “Brother.”

With this in mind I would like to continue to provide the resources and programs to assist each of us, especially our officers, so that we learn to be resources for our new brothers.

We are implementing programs to assist our brothers. The Perfect Ashlar program, the Traveling Man program (Masonic passport), and the Hiram the Builder program are just a few. We will also be stepping up our Zombie Expulsion Training, and I have instructed the District Deputies to encourage our newest members to attend the seminars.

I have come to realize that we, all of us, are Masonry in Connecticut and the former Grand Lodge of Rhode Island, and that the brothers of both states, represented by their Masters and Wardens, help direct Grand Lodge of Southern New England. But this only gives them a voice at the Grand Lodge sessions. Just how can you as a brother give your individual input to the programs of Grand Lodge of Southern New England? The Deputy Grand Master and I will again be holding a series of town hall meetings to give everyone an opportunity to talk with us directly.

These meeting are a set up as a casual conversation with the Grand Master for you to express your thoughts, brother to brother, about you concerns, improvements, programs, and resources that will help your Grand Lodge plan for our future. I welcome and greatly appreciate your input.

I plan on doing my best to keep Masonry in front of me, and with your help make our fraternity the best it can be. I would like to humbly thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the brothers of Connecticut, and, by the grace of God, and with your help, we will succeed.

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